Ustroń, Poland

Nov. 23-24th 2004




A person enjoying experience, intelligence and intuition is often able to come to proper qualitative conclusions without using mathematics. It is generally known that mathematical models are often associated with quantitative considerations. A question could be put whether mathematics or in general theory are necessary for qualitative considerations. The answer is affirmative, expressing the same statements with the modern mathematics language allows to achieve precision and can sometimes suggest new aspects of considered problems, which lie beyond qualitative considerations.

The situation of modern economics has significantly changed recently. Mathematical models are nowadays broadly used in finance and insurance. Mathematical methods are accompanied by econometrical methods, which enable the verification of hypothesis. Furthermore, the degree of complexity of the modern finance and insurance problems results in the rapid development of computer tools.

         The expert of the 21st century has to move with an easy manner in the frame of economics using


mathematical, econometrical and computer methods

The main objectives of the conference are as follows:

  • To enable the exchange of ideas and experiences in the area of continuously developing financial market theories.


  • To point out modern development trends of quantitative methods applied in the domain of finance and insurance in Poland as well as worldwide.


  • To present the theory and the practical application of quantitative methods in risk management regarding finance and insurance.


The conference will include the presentation the most recent achievements in the domain of theory and practice of the modern financial and insurance engineering.




Particularly the subject matter as follows will be touched:

  • financial and insurance markets,

  • pricing of financial and insurance instruments,

  • investment strategies optimization,

  • risk management,

  • financial markets modeling,

  • risk processes modeling,

  • game theory,

  • financial and insurance markets econometrics,

  • neuron networks,

  • genetic algorithms,

  • mathematical economics,

  • intelligent decision assistance systems,

  • expert systems in finance management,

  • mathematical methods in economics.


The articles (after obtaining a positive review) will be published in the Scientific Works of the University of Economics in Katowice (A list).




Department of Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Finance and Insurance

University of Economics in Katowice



Institute Econometrics and Computer


Faculty of Management

Technical University in Częstochowa



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