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Dear Sirs,

I have an honour to invite You to take part in the conference:  

VII Conference „Innovations in Finance and Insurance. Mathematical, Econometrical and Computer Methods.”,


organized by Department of Applied Mathematics (Faculty of Finance and Insurance, University of Economics in Katowice). The conference will be held on

15-17 November 2011 in Wisła

in hotel STOK

     The main objective of the conference is to enable the exchange of ideas and experiences in the area of financial engineering,  financial investments and insurance methods.

     Financial engineering is a knowledge how to design, construct, cost and implement financial innovations with the use of advanced mathematical, statistical, econometrical and simulation methods.

     The success in investing requires larger knowledge as the financial market expands. Risk is an inseparable component of investment. It usually depends on the expected rate. Nowadays, it is impossible to touch the theory and practice of investment (in particular portfolio investments) without proper methods of optimization and  multidimensional statistical analysis.

       Actuaryis a science whose tools of research are the methods of analysis of data coming from observation or experiment. The methods of actuary are based on mathematics, statistics, economics, finance and experience.

    The conference is oriented to both scientists and the workers of financial institutions who deal with financial engineering, investments, risk management and actuary. The global financial crisis 2007-2009 has shown that the tools of quantitative methods are imperfect. We hope that the conference will become the base for the exchange of experiences, opinions and information coming from both the theory of finance and practice. We hope that it will yield an efficiency improvement of analytical tools used in finance and insurance and even introduce new ones.

The foreign guests will also take part in the conference within the framework of the project:

III International Workshop of Finance

“Quantitative Asset and Risk Management”

             The conference will include the presentation of the most recent achievements in the following subject matters:

  • financial and insurance markets,
  • pricing of financial and insurance instruments,
  • modern portfolio theory and practice,
  • interest rate, credit, currency, operation and insurance risk management,
  • risk and financial markets modeling,
  • the theory of games and its application in economics, finance and insurance,
  • financial and insurance mathematics,
  • financial and insurance econometrics,
  • financial and insurance statistics,
  • the application of artificial intelligence in finance and insurance: neuron network, genetic algorithm and other,
  • mathematical economics,
  • mathematical methods in economics, finance and insurance,
  • numerical methods in economics, finance and insurance,
  • simulation methods in economics, finance and insurance.

     The articles (after obtaining a positive review) will be published by the publisher of the University of Economics in Katowice.

      Awaiting Your participation I request You to propagate the information about the conference METHODS 2011 among the workers of universities and financial institutions.



Department of Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Finance and Insurance

University of Economics in Katowice



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